This second version of the online dictionary is based on two Portuguese-Hunsrik dictionaries:

The first one was created by a number of collaborators lead by André Kuster-Cid. You find it on this Facebook group page (it's the file called Dicionário PortuguêsHunsrik-renano.6aversão-digital (1).pdf on the group's "Files" page here).

Previous editions of this dictionary used a Standard German based orthography, but it switched now to a Portuguese based orthography (see also Orthography). It's the source of all words in the Hunsrik (PO) columns on this website.

The title of this work:

KUSTER-CID, André et al: Dicionário Português-Renano (“Hunsrikisch”)

The use of the content of the dictionary for this website is based on the following declaration on page 5 of the dictionary:

Copyright © 2014 by KUSTER-CID, André et al.

Any part of this work can be freely reproduced. We ask, however, for the sake of politeness, that the title and authors (KUSTER-CID, André et al.) be cited.

My thanks go to everybody involved for granting these generous re-publishing rights.

The second dictionary uses a Portuguese based orthography. It was done by Piter Kehoma Boll, also known as Piter Keo, and has the following title:

Piter Kehoma Boll: Dicionário Hunsriqueano Brasileiro – Português

It's the source of all words in the Hunsrik (SGO) columns on this website. You can download it from this page. The right to publish the contents of the dictionary was granted by private e-mail. Many thanks to the author for this!

Piter Keo's Facebook page is here, one of his blogs here.